The café interior is decorated with various interesting rock memorabilia such as posters, photos or band flags gifted to the café by famous bands from all around the world. With all that we also serve an excellent Piazza D'Oro coffee and various homemade ice teas in season. Soft drinks provided by Coca-Cola. A Delicious wine from Vinium in Velké Pavlovice, the best beer from Pilsen Urquell portfolio as well as a wide offering of Rudolf Jelínek products if you enjoy something heavier.
During the summer season, you can sit in the garden with a beautiful view of the Dřevnice River.
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The opening hours are extended on the day of the events and the café can be open even during the weekend.

If a public holiday falls on a business day and a concert is not held this day, the café is closed for that day

Central ticket sales

We sell tickets for all cultural and sports events in the Czech Republic on behalf of the ticket reselling networks: TICKETPORTAL, TICKETSTREAM, TICKETMASTER.
The tickets can be purchased also during the concerts and other events taking place in our club except for private events.